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Who We Are

Our Focus:

Empowering women and men to face an unplanned pregnancy.


Our Mission:

We strive to empower women, men, and students to make life-affirming choices regarding their reproductive and sexual health.


Our Services:

We care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals by embodying Christian principles and values. We support individuals before, during, and after an unplanned pregnancy by providing health services, education, mentoring, and resources. See our Client Services page for details. Our services are for anyone, regardless of age, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Who We Are Not

We are a Christian-based, multi-denominational organization. This means we are driven by Christian principles and values, and want to give care and support to those facing crisis situations, whether they identify as Christian or not. Therefore…

Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center does NOT advocate judging women who are considering abortion, does NOT advocate manipulation of women to serve an agenda, and does NOT advocate anger or any other negative display toward those whom we wish to serve. We do not believe manipulation, exaggeration, lying (or anything like these) is behavior consistent with true Christian orthodoxy. We hope to be the exact opposite! We want to love people like Jesus did during his life on earth. We let his perfect life, sacrificial death, and miraculous resurrection motivate us to work together as various denominations and faith-backgrounds to love our clients well by providing them with all the information and support they need to face their situation.

Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is not a medical clinic. Because we care about our clients, we do not perform or refer for abortions, though we do offer information about abortion procedures, risks, and alternatives. We provide all clients with a written statement informing them of this in their intake paperwork. Because we support our clients’ well-being, we do not affirm decisions to abort. We will help you sort through all your options, and provide abortion recovery for clients who choose (or have already chosen) abortion. We may refer to a licensed counselor if necessary.

While we are not a medical facility, trained nurse-technicians perform limited ultrasounds, and are overseen by a rotation of volunteer medical directors who are practicing gynecological physicians in Greensboro.


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