We’re always looking for exceptional talent to help our team grow at the Care Center. Below are our available staff positions. Please follow the instructions for each position in order to be considered for employment.

Position Summary

The Operations Director is a member of the Executive Team and reports directly to the Executive Director. The Operations Director will lead the ministry in all its operational functions by: directing the vision and mission of the center; managing the Communications/Marketing, Volunteer, and Client/Health Services Directors; managing organizational finances with the Executive Director, as needed; and performing other executive duties, as needed.

Reports to: Executive Director

Manages: Client Services, Health Services, Communications/Marketing, and Volunteer Directors (Primary); All Staff (Secondary)

Hours: Full-time (exempt)

Pay: Salary (based on experience)

Holidays and Benefits: 12 paid holidays; paid time off (PTO) with accrual and certain carry-over by year; Retirement option (SIMPLE IRA) after 1 year of employment matched up to 3%; 98% of health care premium paid by GPCC; 100% dental care paid by GPCC; maternity and paternity leave options

Position Competencies

  1. Manages both the systems and people of the pregnancy center with kindness, professionalism, and excellence
  2. Ability to create, implement, and improve systems within the organization
  3. Excellent communication and networking skills
  4. Able to identify and develop emerging leaders
  5. Available and willing to counsel staff and give sound biblical advice that aligns with center beliefs, as well as practical advice to help meet goals
  6. Vision-minded, while grasping how to practically implement that vision

Qualifications for Employment

  • Must be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, including membership in good-standing, and attendance of a local church
  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the life-affirming position and sexual purity
  • Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith and policies of the pregnancy center
  • At least 3 years of experience in leading or managing an organization
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field(s)
  • Some professional experience with marketing, preferred

General Expectations

  • Must be flexible in an ever-changing, ever-growing organization that requires continual adjustment
  • Honest with regard to personal situations that may affect work, or honest about limitations that may affect work, and honest feedback about the organization
  • Be in constant pursuit of humility so that you think of others as more important than yourself (Phil. 2:3)
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Maintaining a high level of excellence and professionalism
  • Available to work some nights and weekends, as needed
  • Maintain a leadership mindset to create a healthy culture within the organization
  • Able to understand effective community outreach tactics and marketing strategies

Essential Responsibilities of the Position


  • Executive and Financial Duties

      1. Work with Executive Director to create a vision for future plans and endeavors of the pregnancy center
      2. Work with the Executive Director to provide managerial support, direction, supervision, and training to the Directors and staff of the Care Center
      3. Conduct written and oral evaluations of managed staff on a regular basis, as well as manage, implement, and maintain policies and procedures for staff
      4. Work with Executive Director to create and manage budget (income/expenses) and finances in key areas of the ministry
      5. Oversee the compilation of statistical reports, accurate record keeping, and monthly reporting in key areas of the ministry
  • Fundraising

      1. Speak on behalf of and represent the organization in various settings including one-on-one with major donors and potential donors, at civic organizations and other public forums, and fundraising events, as needed
  • Marketing & Communications

      1. Manage Communication Coordinator as he/she manages all communications and marketing for the Care Center
      2. Work with the Executive Director to develop the ministry’s public relations and marketing efforts for all client and fundraising programs
      3. Work with Communication Coordinator to think strategically about improving communications and marketing efforts and to help create systems for growth
  • Client Services & Health Services

    1. Responsible for managing both the Client Services Director and Health Services Director as they manage support services offered by the Care Center
    2. Collaborate with Client Services Director and Executive Director to develop the vision for, and increase, the services offered to clients
    3. Responsible for setting the tone and culture of the client-related staff and volunteer teams, ensuring that all volunteers and paid staff are being developed intentionally for strategic organizational growth
  • Volunteer Development

    1. Manage Volunteer Coordinator as he/she manages and organizes the volunteers
    2. Work with Volunteer Coordinator to think strategically about improving volunteer systems

Steps to Apply

Please send a cover letter and résumé to Executive Assistant, Elizabeth Underwood, via email by clicking here.


Much like our volunteer positions, internships are very helpful to the mission of the pregnancy center. Depending on your experience and school requirements, we will place you in the appropriate department of our ministry (client services, community outreach, fundraising, communications, graphic design, etc.). These committed positions are unpaid. To be considered an internship, you must also be earning class credit for your service here. An internship will help develop candidates for greater success in a future professional setting. We love pouring into the next generation of laborers!

Steps to Apply

Follow these steps to be considered for an internship:

  1. Contact us at 336-274-4901 to begin the process.
  2. Staff will ask for a letter of intent and resumé.
  3. If you are qualified to proceed, you will be given an application to complete.
  4. Following the application process, you will be contacted for a formal interview.
  5. A final consideration and formal letter of acceptance will be written for those candidates who qualify.
  6. If you are accepted, you must participate in the center’s intensive volunteer training, with further training, as needed.