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Meet the Staff

Our organization is volunteer led, staff supported.
Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is volunteer led, staff supported. That means our Board of Directors lead the way. Volunteer advocates and office volunteers “do” the groundwork of our organization; they are the ones connecting with and serving clients on a daily basis. The role of paid staff members is to support the work of our volunteers by ensuring clients are served well, helping volunteers serve effectively and with excellence. Meet our paid staff below!

Judy Roderick

Executive Director

Judy's background is in development and fundraising. She is really excited to see the Pregnancy Care Center's services grow in the future! Judy also loves serving at her local church, Center Grove, and being actively involved with the music and drama team.

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Carter Mundy

Associate Executive Director

Carter earned his undergrad degree in architecture. Then he took a hard right-turn to go to seminary and has enjoyed working in a field related to his Master's Degree in Christian Ethics. On the job, he enjoys teaching sexual health and biblical sexuality, as well as connecting with churches and local organizations for partnership opportunities. Outside the Care Center, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters... and the family dog, of course. Carter serves as a directional and shepherding elder at his local church, Mercy Hill.

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Deanna Jewell

Client Services Director

Deanna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and Ministry to Women from Moody Bible Institute. She recently moved to Greensboro after living in Chicago for several years. She is excited about contributing to the Care Center and growing its services for clients. Deanna loves spending time with her family and being an aunt of twelve.

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Priscilla Martin

Advancement Director

Priscilla has a background in banking, and loves to share the mission of the Care Center with people who may want to partner with us. She loves spending time with her husband and two children. And she's very involved in serving at her local church, Lawndale Baptist.

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Charlotte Haywood, RN

Health Services Director

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Olivia Thomas

Client Administrative Assistant

Olivia is a Virginia native new to the Greensboro area. She enjoys serving others and is involved with her local church. She loves spending time with her husband who works in college ministry!

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Elizabeth Underwood

Executive Administrative Assistant

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Lauren McClure, RN

Staff Nurse

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Katelyn Lust, RN

Staff Nurse

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Leanie Proctor

Student Outreach Coordinator

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Mary Holloman

Communications Assistant

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Meredith Weber

Advancement Coordinator

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Susie Kennedy


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Delaney Weaver


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Courtney Britton, RDMS


Bob Kober

Mobile Unit Maintenance Assistant

Fulton Street Hours

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Tuesday: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

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