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Fake Nurses or Fake Clinics?

Fake Nurses or Fake News?

You’ve probably heard the claims before: pregnancy centers are fake clinics, and the so-called nurses who work there aren’t really nurses at all. They perform procedures they’re not qualified for, and they do whatever it takes to get clients through the door—even if it means providing deceptive and misleading information.  But are these claims rooted

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Advocate and Appointment podcast

The Advocate & the Appointment

The idea of “peer advocacy” is intimidating to some, and confusing to others. What do we mean when we talk about peer advocates, and what actually happens inside an appointment with clients at the pregnancy center? We dive into this topic on our most recent The Empowered Advocate podcast episode, The Advocate and the Appointment.

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The Impact of Adoption

The Impact of Adoption: An Interview with Chad & Holly Cooke

We asked you, our listeners, what you would like to hear discussed on The Empowered Advocate podcast, and many of you requested an episode on adoption. So we’re excited to share not one, but two brand new episodes from The Empowered Advocate podcast: The Impact of Adoption, parts 1 and 2. In these two episodes,

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sidewalk advocacy podcast

Sidewalk Advocacy: An Insider’s Look

We’re excited to share with you our latest episode from The Empowered Advocate podcast, Sidewalk Advocacy: An Insider’s Look. On this episode, we interview Carla Stowers, team leader for the GPCC sidewalk advocacy team. She gives an insider’s perspective of what takes place on the sidewalk outside of an abortion facility in Greensboro. Carla shares

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God & Sex Forum: Transgenderism

The God & Sex Forum is an annual event hosted by Students for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center and Ratio Christi at UNC Greensboro. This year’s forum was held in early April, and the topic was Transgenderism. Transgenderism is a result of tremendous confusion in our culture today—confusion about the most basic questions of life. Who

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The Empowered Advocate podcast

The Empowered Advocate: A Brand New Podcast from GPCC

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hinting at a new project on the Care Center’s horizon. We’ve appreciated your guesses as to what it is–particularly the guess about launching our own comedy tour. (We’ll consider that one in our next 3-5 year plan.) We are so excited to share that on April 1, 2019,

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