Woman's Right to Know

We offer all the information required by the Woman's Right to Know Act.

According to North Carolina state law, women considering abortion must have an informed consent certification signed by a doctor, nurse, or certified ultrasound technician. These women must be given the alternatives to abortion in writing, as well as be offered an ultrasound. We offer this certification at the Care Center, and are the only organization in Guilford County to offer free ultrasound services. It is, by law, the first step to getting an abortion in North Carolina. If you’re considering abortion, set up your appointment for this certification today.

Woman's Right to Know Act

The "Woman's Right to Know Act" requires that women who seek abortions be fully informed about relevant issues such as:

  • Abortion methods and associated medical risks,
  • Possible adverse psychological effects of abortion,
  • Medical risks of carrying a pregnancy to term,
  • Probable gestational age of the fetus at the time the abortion is to be performed,
  • Public and private agencies and services available to assist the woman through pregnancy, at childbirth and when the child is dependent,
  • Information on free ultrasounds.

Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is the only organization in Guilford County to provide free ultrasounds. We also provide all the information listed above. Before getting an abortion, women must be given all this information in writing. It's your right to know what is being done to your body. Make an appointment with us today to get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

*The information above is taken from http://wrtk.ncdhhs.gov/ (Last accessed 7/2015).


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