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We serve our community through various outreach programs, all free of charge.

Invite Us to Speak

Want a speaker at your church or organization so you and your team can learn more about us? Fill out the contact form below, or give our Outreach Coordinator a call at 336-274-4901. One of our well-trained staff or volunteers would love to tell you and your organization more about the Pregnancy Care Center, our vision, our services, and how you can partner with us.

Additionally, our Associate Executive Director is a seminary graduate with a masters degree in Ethics, Theology, and Culture. He would love to address your church or organization with a biblically-based presentation, sermon, or lecture, on sex and sexuality, the sacred nature of human life, how to speak to students about sex, or any number of related topics.

Also, check out our student programs below. We would love to speak to your students on biblical sexuality or sexual risk avoidance.


Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center presents Integrity, a study in biblical sexuality. This program is offered to students, parents, or organizational leaders as a tool to explore what the Bible says about sex and sexuality. It is a 4-lesson curriculum, which can also be tailored to fit any timeframe (as needed). The study teaches the what, why, and how of biblical sexuality. Click below to visit our Integrity page for more information.

Students for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center

Several years ago, college students connected with the Care Center established a student organization on their local college campus at UNCG, called Make Up Your Own Mind. We recently changed the name to Students for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center (SFGPCC). While the name is still a mouthful, it’s less ambiguous as to why we exist!

Our goal is to connect students, especially those facing unplanned pregnancy, to the Care Center. And our mission is to empower students to make life-affirming choices regarding their sexual health. We hold regular members’ meetings, as well as special events each semester, such as our annual God & Sex Forum at UNCG.

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Sexual risk avoidance (SRA) education is the method Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center employs for teaching sexual health. SRA education operates on the premise that people have intrinsic value, and therefore human beings ought to value themselves and others. Because people are valuable, they should make sexual decisions which avoid risks associated with sexual activity, rather than simply reduce risks through contraceptives or other means.

Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is equipped to teach sexual health using the SRA method, and can tailor information for any setting or audience. This is a particularly helpful presentation for non-religious settings, such as a public school classroom or business. Our staff are certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists (SRAS).

Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists


Call us, or fill out the contact form, if you have questions about how you can help financially partner with us.

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