What is Integrity?

Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center presents Integrity, a study in biblical sexuality for middle and high school students and/or their parents. Integrity is taught from the Christian-biblical perspective and includes a structure that employs concepts of sexual risk avoidance education. Students will learn about the important topics of peer-pressure, sexual integrity, marriage, abuse, etc., all within the context of the biblical Story.

Integrity will help students answer…


What does it mean to be a human?

What pattern did God establish for us to follow?

What are “gender roles” and “complements?”

What is sex created for?


Why is sex for marriage only?

Why are we unable to follow the pattern God has established for us?

Why are we able to follow the pattern when we surrender to Jesus


How do we live out the pattern Jesus re-established, in light of the gospel?

How does all this relate to our sexuality?

How do we practically overcome temptation?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is Integrity?


Integrity is presented by trained team members, and is best experienced in either 4 one-hour sessions, or in a 30-lesson curriculum. However, Integrity can be tailored for any length of time (including a one-time presentation).

Who is Integrity For?


Integrity is a study in biblical sexuality for students, or anyone working and living with students. Middle and high school students, as well as college students will benefit from knowing what the Bible says about sex, and why. But parents and leaders will also benefit in knowing what the Bible says about sex, why, and how to communicate it to the students under their influence. The course will equip them to teach timeless, biblical truths about sexuality, giving them greater confidence in continuing an open discussion with their children about sex, and leading them toward Christ-likeness.

How Can We Partner With You?


At the Care Center, we have been serving our local community for over 30 years as an authority in sexual education. If you would like us to come alongside you to help instill in your students a sense of integrity in an increasingly confusing culture, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Klaire Harrison, by phone at 336-274-4901, or by filling out the form below.

Your organization gets a free resource from a trusted community organization, tailored specifically to meet your needs! What could be better than a useful tool that is totally free with no strings attached?

Who Teaches Integrity?


At the Care Center, we strive for effectiveness and excellence. Our Integrity program is overseen by a certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist (SRAS), and is taught by trained leaders.



Call us, or fill out the contact form, if you have questions about how you can help financially partner with us.

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