God & Sex Forum Recap

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Our God & Sex Forum was a few weeks ago now (wow, time flies!), but I thought I’d revisit it for a quick recap. We had around 170 students come hear about the historical-Christian perspective on sex and sexual issues, and almost 50 questions texted in to our discussion panel.

Our Speaker

Dr. Michael Brown was our keynote speaker, and he delivered a compelling lecture. He gave us 4 principles (really truisms of life) that need to be heeded as we make decisions every day.

  1. Reproduction. Everything reproduces after its own kind. So, positives reproduce positives and negatives reproduce negatives. What are we reproducing in our lives?
  2. Trajectory. Where does something lead? Positive leads to more positive while negative leads to more negative. As we make decisions, each one points us in a “life direction.” An example is sex. If you begin with a relationship founded on trust, it can lead to a healthy marriage, which leads to having sex, which leads to children (a family); this leads to raising healthy children, which leads to their independence, which leads to them forming a future marriage relationship based on trust… and the positive cycle begins again. What trajectory are we on?
  3. Divine Design. I actually think it would be better to call it “Natural Design.” When humans live in a way that follows after the natural design, it overwhelmingly leads to human flourishing. When humans buck against design willingly or by circumstance (unwillingly), it tends to lead to negative consequences. Dr. Brown gave several examples, including fatherlessness being a major factor in crime rates. Homes without a father are never the ideal. What design for life are we following?
  4. Acharit (a-ck-ha-reet). This is a Hebrew word. When you’ve come to the end and you look back on your life, how do you feel about everything you’ve done? Are there regrets, or joys, or both? Are the decisions we’re making now going to cause us pleasure or pain when we look back at the end of our lives?

The Panel

I’m sure you can see how each of Dr. Brown’s principles can apply to sex and sexuality. But it also led well into our discussion panel, which was amazing.

The members were very open about their sexual histories and struggles, and it was really touching to hear some of their stories. A female college student addicted to porn; a man whose first sexual experience was at age 7 with a family member; a girl who was molested, raped, abused, and ended up living in the LGBTQ lifestyle for years before becoming a Christian and radically altering how she lived.

I think the panel members’ experiences and openness allowed our audience to identify with them, which hopefully helped audience members in a profound way.

The Goal

The goal in all this is to promote open and healthy discussion on sexual health (and moral) issues. We hold our forum from the historical-Christian perspective so that students can hear that specific perspective accurately. This is the view the majority of Christians have held for two millennia until about 50 years ago, but there is so much confusion about this perspective, we feel the need to speak out in order to clear the air. Some people will still disagree with us, but at least (hopefully) it won’t be due to a misunderstanding of our view.

My hope is that students who are Christians were encouraged, and heard a reinforcement of why they believe what they believe. And, for students that disagreed with the historical-Christian perspective, my hope is that they were pushed to question their own views and heard a message of hope and love, not judgment and condemnation.

Everyone’s Broken

A historical-Christian perspective isn’t one that condemns specific people… it condemns all people in hopes that everyone will recognize their need for God’s intervention! We’re all broken, no matter our sexual orientation, and we all need God to transform our desires, whatever form those desires take.

Our tendency as humans is to desire other things above intimacy with God. But this only leads to disappointment, pain, and ultimately death. God made us to know him; and though we constantly reject God, he pursues us anyway so we can flourish. Think about it logically: if knowing God leads to a flourishing life, then rejecting God naturally leads to death.

This is why Jesus came. God the Son took on a human body, lived a life of perfect intimacy with God the Father, and ended up dying a death he didn’t deserve but that we all do deserve. His death actually acted as a substitute for us so that if we trust in him with our mind, will, heart—and our very lives—his death counts as the consequence for our rejection of God. Jesus traded his life for ours. We can simply say: Jesus took our place. He died so we could flourish.

But perhaps even better news is that he overcame death, and rose from the grave. Now, because we’ve put our hope in his perfect life and substitutionary death, we can also have hope that we, too, will overcome death in the end!

It’s this hope that the historical-Christian perspective brings to sexual brokenness. Jesus will set all things right in the end. I’m really excited about next year’s forum already. It’s only gotten better each year. Hope to see you there in 2016!


Carter Mundy is the Outreach Director at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. He enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and the family dog. He also loves his church family, Mercy Hill, where he serves as a pastor. You can follow Carter on Facebook, or on Twitter @carter_pm.

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