Why Mary is Excited about the 30 Give 30 project

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You may have been seeing a lot lately about the Care Center’s 30 Give 30 Project. We’re spending so much time talking about the number 30 because 2015 is the Care Center’s 30th year in existence, and we’re doing our best to celebrate all year long.  But, before I share why I care about this “30 Give 30” concept, I want to address a word that often strikes fear into the hearts of both young and old: change.


Change is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to accept or experience. It often requires some discomfort, trust, and a willingness to adapt while walking into the unknown. Because of these reasons, many people resist change—I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t one of those people. I mean, why mess up a good thing, right? Change can be both exhilarating and at the same time nauseating.

For example: Within the next month, I will be leaving a job that I love in order to start a new job (that I know I will also love). My husband and I will be experiencing—for the first time—the delivery of our new baby boy, and then taking him home and doing our best to keep him alive, and to figure out this whole parenting thing. I can hardly wait to meet the little dude who is constantly nudging me in the ribs, but there is also the occasional nauseating feeling of the unknown lingering in my head. How are we going to do this? Can we do this? Am I qualified to do this?

Change Can Lead to Anxiety

All these questions can lead to quite a bit of anxiety; but they are nothing compared to the anticipation of being able to hold my son for the first time. The unknown always brings with it some questions and doubts, but it often also brings growth and inexpressible joy.

I bring up the excitement and fear of change because Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is undergoing some pretty major changes. Our mission remains the same: we will continue to offer free services to women and men in order to empower them to make life-affirming choices.

The “change” to which I’m referring is the means by which we will fulfill our mission. Our desire is to be much more aggressive when it comes to informing men and women about their options and sharing the Gospel. An exciting idea came to us: What if, instead of waiting for people to come to us, we went to them? What if, instead of remaining stationary and bound by our four walls, we ventured into the parts of Greensboro that have never even heard of us? What if, instead of referring clients elsewhere to receive their prenatal care, we were able to offer it ourselves and further empower women with the tools they need to have a healthy pregnancy and make informed decisions? (See more details about these goals on our Strategic Plan page!)

As these questions entered our minds, we began to dream about what God could accomplish through these “crazy” ideas. But along with these dreams, doubts began entering our minds:

Wait a minute, how much money is this going to cost?

We haven’t done anything like this in 30 years, where would we even begin?

This would require a LOT of change: more staff, different strategies, new fundraising ideas…is this even possible?

Maybe we should scale back these ideas a bit…we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, right?

What About God?

All these questions and more ran through our minds. And then, slowly and gently, we were reminded of the God who we serve, and we were challenged to evaluate our faith.

Did we believe that God was leading us to pursue these changes?

Did we believe that God was capable of bringing about these changes?

Did we believe that God would equip, enable, and provide us with everything we needed in order to see these goals become realities?

Did we believe that God is greater than any roadblocks that we could anticipate or imagine?

We knew the answers to these questions: that God could absolutely and without a doubt make these plans come to fruition. We then quickly realized that if we believed these things to be true about God, then we had to put our faith into action by taking the steps necessary to put these plans into motion. We have seen God’s faithfulness within the Care Center over the past 30 years, and we believe that if we seek him and his kingdom with everything we are, then he will give us the things that we need and ask of him (Matthew 6:33).

The 30 Give 30 Project

So that’s where the 30 Give 30 Project comes in. Our desire is to challenge the community of Greensboro to help us raise not only what we need to continue offering our current services, but also to raise above and beyond our operating costs so that we can continue pursuing our 3-phase plan .

Impossible? Some might think so. But think of the incredible blessings that we may miss out on if we choose to cling to what we know rather than allowing God to grow and challenge our faith through change. I believe that God is most glorified when we trust him to do seemingly impossible things through his people. What better opportunity for God to display his power and goodness?

I love the mission of the Care Center, and even though my role within GPCC will be changing in the coming weeks, I still cannot wait to invest in this project. I want to allow God to use whatever I can give sacrificially in order to accomplish his purposes. What a privilege to be a part of something so much bigger than myself!


Mary Holloman is our current Client Services Director until she and her husband, Matt, have their first child who is due this February. You can follow Mary on twitter @mtholloman.

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