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Check out the job opportunities at the Care Center.


Positions Available

We’re always looking for exceptional talent to help our team grow at the Care Center. Below are our available staff positions. Please follow the instructions for each position in order to be considered for employment.


Much like our volunteer positions, internships are very helpful to the mission of the Care Center. Depending on your experience and school requirements, we will place you in the appropriate department of our ministry (client services, community outreach, fundraising, communications, graphic design, etc.). These committed positions may be paid or unpaid, depending on circumstance. Either way, an internship will help develop candidates for greater success in a future professional setting. We love pouring into the next generation of laborers!

Follow these steps to be considered for an internship:

  1. Contact us at 336-274-4901 to begin the process.
  2. Staff will ask for a letter of intent and resumé.
  3. If you are qualified to proceed, will be given an internship application to complete.
  4. Following the application process, you will be contacted for a formal interview.
  5. A final consideration and formal letter of acceptance will be written for those candidates who qualify.
  6. If you are accepted, you must participate in the Care Center’s intensive volunteer training, with further training, as needed.


Call us, or fill out the contact form, if you have questions about how you can help financially partner with us.

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