End of Year Giving

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End of Year Giving

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The Good Problem

We’re maxed out in almost every area of our ministry. We’ve seen over 35% more clients every year for the past three years. What a great problem to have!

As a Christian organization, we believe God is blessing this ministry. Christians from multiple denominations and backgrounds come together to serve members of our local community, and to share the greatest hope they’ll ever hear, the good news about Jesus. It’s a sign to our culture that God loves them and his kingdom is true.

Because of the amount of clients we now serve, we have to be able to grow our organization to keep up. If we don’t, we settle with God’s blessing only to reject his mission. How can we see God’s generosity to us, yet turn clients away who desperately need our services, but whom we simply can’t accommodate due to funding?

The Simple Solution

At Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, the board and staff do not believe settling is an option. As God has been generous with us and our clients, we believe we should collectively pursue generosity to fuel the mission of the Care Center. What a tragedy it would be to see God bless this organization with more people to serve, only to be unable to serve them and have to turn them away.

The simple solution to the good problem we have is more funding. The only thing that holds us back from growing the organization to meet the growing need is funding. We have great leaders, great systems, great services; but if we can’t fund growth, we simply can’t grow.

Our hope is that you will see this as an opportunity to change lives through your generosity, and that you will partner with us in the mission. What could happen if the funding was limitless?

Our Budget Directly Correlates to Clients Served

See the graphs below to understand how our annual budget has directly correlated to the number of clients we have served. As the budget increases, so does our capacity for serving people facing unplanned pregnancy.

From 2015 to 2016, we saw a 39% increase in clients, with a 20% increase in our budget. From 2016 to 2017 we saw a 35% increase in clients, with a 40% increase in our budget. 2017 is the year we added two registered nurses to our staff in order to administer medical services to our clients.

Total Clients Served By Year

Budgeted Expenses By Year


% Increase in Clients 2015-2016


% Increase in Clients 2016-2017


% Increase in Budget 2015-2016


% Increase in Budget 2016-2017

The Vision

We’re maxed out in almost every area of our ministry. Because of the amount of clients we serve, we must increase the following four areas of our organization to keep up with the growth.


We need to increase our staff team. Our staff has stretched and worked and scraped to grow our organization to this point. They wear so many hats, they can barely move their heads! There’s simply more that must be done if we’re going to keep serving more clients, so more staff is crucial to our mission.

Immediate Staff Needs:

1. More medical staff: The only way we can continue serving clients is by hiring more medical staff. Our nurses, following standing orders from volunteer medical directors, administer all our medical services. Hiring at least one more medical staff member would enable us to:

  • Increase the days our mobile unit goes out in the community from 4 to 6 days per week.
  • Enable us to serve more clients at our main location.

2. More volunteer development staff: As a volunteer led, staff supported organization, we must have more staff to support the increasing army of volunteers who serve our clients. Volunteers “do” the ministry of the Care Center by meeting with clients face-to-face and acting as support personnel in other areas of the ministry. To schedule, train, and develop our volunteer staff, we must have at least one paid staff member devoted solely to supporting our volunteers.

3. Mobile unit maintenance staff: With the increased use of the mobile unit, maintenance staff will be necessary to keep up with the growing need for weekly oversight and maintenance.


With more clients come the need for funding more free services. Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and STD tests all cost our organization per client served. Since our client-base has nearly doubled, so have our service costs. If we want to continue providing free services to everyone of our clients, we must have the supply to meet the demand.

Mobile Unit

Our unit only goes out 4 days per week and we’ve nearly doubled our client-base since its launch. Imagine how many more clients we could see if we were able to go out 6 days a week. With increased use, the maintenance cost for the unit goes up.


Our new location is awesome. It’s accessible to our clients living in the 27406 and 27407 ZIP codes, it’s handicap accessible, newly renovated, and larger. It cost about $110,000 to move our offices, including a new phone system, mostly new furniture, and other miscellaneous costs associated with entering into a lease and selling the 917 N Elm property. 

Total Raised


We’re pumped to have raised $101,000! Our goal was $200,000, so if you still want to give toward the mission, simply click the button below. We hope that as God provides the clients to serve, he will continue to provide financially for the ministry to serve them.

How can we continue funding the mission?

We want to ask you to consider two things:

1. Everyone can give something.

We’re asking that everyone give something. Even if you think your gift isn’t “a lot” compared to what other people may give, every dollar helps fund the mission. From $25 to $50,000, your contribution is crucial. Please consider how much you can give to the mission of the Care Center.


2. If you have been blessed with much, give much.

We’re asking for higher-level givers to give generously. If you don’t give, we can’t serve. Please consider how much you can give to the mission in a large capacity, over $20,000.

Possible Giving Scale:

Here is a possible breakdown of giving entities. Where are you on this scale?

Number of PartnersAmount of Donation

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