3-Phase Strategic Plan


Mobile Unit

Phase 1:

Mobile Unit Vehicle

New Location

Phase 2:

New Location

More Medical Services

Phase 3:

Additional Medical Services

Phase 1: Launched!

We went mobile with our medical services.


The annual cost of the mobile unit is approximately $89,000, which includes things like maintenance, insurance, and medical staff salaries for one year. Please consider giving so that we can not only maintain our current schedule of care, but expand it to serve clients 6 days a week! Please also consider volunteering so we can properly staff the unit and give our clients the care they deserve.

Thanks for your partnership. Your generosity fuels the mission of the Care Center!

Phase 2: Move Locations

We moved to 625 Fulton Street.


In November of 2017, we moved to a new permanent location at 625 Fulton Street in Greensboro. We love the new digs! If you have visited us, please drop by during our open office hours. If you would like to give to fund the move, which cost us around $110,000, please click the button below. Thanks for your partnership!

Phase 3: Additional Medical Services

Offer more medical services for better client care.


At the beginning of 2018, our board and staff set out to define the end of Phase 3 for our strategic plan. Below are two goals we will complete by the end of 2018 to effectively close out our 3-phase strategic plan. These goals take our current services to their most effective level, while remaining true to our mission and client success sequence. As with our current medical services, the below services will fall under the standing orders of our medical directors, and will be carried out by our medical staff (RNs and RDMSs).

If you would like to give toward these goals to help us close out Phase 3, please click the button below!


1. Adding treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Currently, we test for these two STDs, but must refer to the Health Department for treatment. For continuity of care, and further relational contact with clients, immediate treatment is a best practice. Treatment would be a one-time administration by our nurses.

Projected Cost for 1 Year: $685.00

2. Adding blood testing for syphilis and HIV.

We currently screen for HIV with an oral swab. However, blood testing is industry standard due to its level of accuracy. We do not currently test for syphilis, but it is one of the top 3 STDs contracted in Guilford County (along with chlamydia and gonorrhea). Testing for the top STDs is a best practice and provides better care for our clients. Due to the nature of these STDs, treatment would still be referred to the Health Department.

Projected Cost for 1 Year: $18,717.00

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