Mobile Unit

Phase 1:

Mobile Unit Vehicle

New Location

Phase 2:

New Location

More Medical Services

Phase 3:

Additional Medical Services

Phase 1: Launched!

Go mobile with our medical services.

Reaches more clients with greater effectiveness.

  • A mobile unit significantly reduces the time between a woman’s positive pregnancy test result and viewing her child on an ultrasound or hearing her child’s heartbeat.
  • A mobile unit will enable us to take better care of clients who initially come to us for help.
  • A mobile unit has put us on track to double our annual client-base from an average of 500 clients to 1,000 clients by the end of 2017.
  • A mobile unit enables us to go to our clients wherever and whenever is necessary to help them.
  • A mobile unit enables us to directly impact women going to get an abortion by showing them an alternative option.

Helps other pregnancy care centers.

  • So far, we have helped several other pregnancy centers in understanding how to take their services mobile.
  • We have also provided use of our unit for a day to other pregnancy centers in the area.

Helps gain more volunteers.

  • Because of how many new clients we have, we are always in need of new volunteers for the mobile unit!

Needs Moving Forward:

  1. Volunteers to staff the mobile unit on its days of service (click here for times/locations)
  2. Financial Support throughout the year: $88,200 (this is our yearly total)
  3. Prayer for our clients, our volunteers, and staff that God would use this to help people and to change their futures.

Please Consider Giving & Volunteering

The annual cost of the mobile unit is approximately $88,200, which includes things like maintenance, insurance, and medical staff salaries for one year. Please consider giving so that we can not only maintain our current schedule of care, but expand it to serve clients 6 days a week! Please also consider volunteering so we can properly staff the unit and give our clients the care they deserve.

Thanks for your partnership. Your generosity fuels the mission of the Care Center.


Phase 2: We're Moving!

Moving to a new permanent location.

Restrictions in our current location.

  • Our current location is not conducive for offering more medical services (Phase 3). There are certain requirements for a building that is used for medical care (i.e., accessibility, room proportions, etc.). Our current location does not meet these requirements.

The need for a strategic location.

  • The majority of clients are between ages 18–25 (typical college student age) and come from the 27406 and 27407 ZIP codes. Finding a location within walking distance or more easily accessible to UNCG, Greensboro College, Bennett College, and NC A&T will reduce the barrier of travel for college students and many in that part of our community.
  • It will also allow us to effectively compete with Student Health Services, which tend to hold different values on sexual health, and do not typically offer medical care or treatment.

Where We Are in the Process:

We are moving to 625 Fulton Street (see it on a Google map) on November 1st! During the moving transition, we are prepared to serve clients for approximately 2 weeks on our mobile unit. We are closing on the sale of our current property the first full week of November. Join us in celebrating this exciting step in our strategic plan!

Please Consider Giving To Fund Our Move

We have set a $100,000 budget for moving to our new location. This will include a new phone system, new technology (like computers), new furniture, signage, a moving service, and several other things. Please consider giving to help us make the transition. Thanks for your faithful partnership in our mission!


Phase 3: Additional Medical Services

Offering more medical services to effectively serve clients in their sexual health & pregnancy needs.

Increase the credibility of our services.

  • With more medical professionals on staff (we currently employ two RNs and two RDMSs), clients can remain assured we are providing the best health care they can get.

Draw a larger client base.

  • Pregnancy tests can be qualified as Proof of Pregnancy for Medicaid.
  • We will provide comprehensive STI testing and treatment.
  • Professional medical advice related to sexual and prenatal health will draw more clients.

Compete with Planned Parenthood.

  • Planned Parenthood is seen as the nation’s expert on women’s and sexual health by many. We want to compete effectively for clients.
  • We will offer free (or extremely low-cost) services, especially for prenatal care and STI testing.

Further reduce barriers to carrying to term.

  • We will help women apply for Medicaid if they do not have insurance.
  • We want to explore providing prenatal care up to 6 months in order to reduce the gap of insurance coverage.
  • We will make ultrasound services available to abortion-minded clients anytime.

Create an opportunity to develop longer relationships with clients.

  • This allows more opportunities for advocates, nurses, and doctors to build a healthy relationship and share the gospel.
  • There will be ongoing support to women throughout their pregnancy.
  • This allows for at least 2 contacts (medical staff and advocate) over an extended period of time, deepening a client’s connection to the Care Center as an organization.

Next Steps:

  1. Perform a needs-assessment to determine exact services we should provide
  2. Consult professionals and other centers to understand the needs and requirements for those new services
  3. Build current staff and volunteer base for more medical services (more nurses, doctors, and other positions, as needed)
  4. Add prenatal services and other women’s health services, as able

Total Cost for Phase 3: $522,436 (tentatively)