Volunteers are integral to the work of the Care Center. Check out our volunteer needs and opportunities here.

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteers are the life-blood of the Care Center. They give their time and compassion to clients who need someone to believe in them. That’s why we like to say we are a “volunteer led, staff supported” organization. While staff facilitate the services provided, volunteers ultimately carry them out, and provide the one-on-one care to clients that characterize our organization. The importance of a volunteer position cannot be overemphasized! We hope you’ll consider this as you seek to partner with us.

In order to become a volunteer on any of our teams, sign-up for our Open House event. We hold this event on a monthly basis to expose newcomers to who we are and what we do at the Care Center. If you’re interested in partnering with us in any way, the Open House is for you. Click below to sign up.


What are our volunteer opportunities?

We have 3 categories of volunteer teams you can sign up for and serve on: (1) Client Services Teams; (2) Outreach Teams; (3) Fundraising Teams . You don’t have to choose just one. However, more responsibility comes with volunteer positions that interact with clients. See the 3 volunteer team categories below. Make sure to attend our Open House to find out more details about our volunteer teams and the opportunities currently available at the Care Center.

Training Dates

After going through an Open House and signing up for volunteer teems you are interested in, specific training will be required for Client Interactive and Outreach teams. Here are the upcoming training dates for those who have been through the Open House.

Monday, March 5th & Thursday, March 8th

Client-Interactive Teams

These teams will require some level of client interaction. Specific teams include:


Client Advocates (Mobile & Care Center)
Classes Team
Titus 2 Mentoring Team

Non-Client-Interactive Teams

These teams will not include any type of client interaction. Specific teams include:


Mobile Unit Maintenance Team
Care Center Maintenance Team
Administration Team

Outreach Teams

These teams will require the ability to speak to others in our community about the services we offer as an organization. Audiences may include one-on-one interactions, students, parents, or partnering churches and organizations. Specific teams include:


College Students in Students for GPCC Club
Speaking Bureau

Fundraising Revenue Teams

These teams will help the center raise money throughout the year during our fundraising events. Specific teams include:


Walk for Life Revenue Team

Benefit Dinner Revenue Team

Major Gifts Revenue Team

Fundraising Logistics Teams

These teams will help the center raise money throughout the year by providing logistical support for various campaigns and fundraising events. Specific teams include:


 Walk for Life Teams
 Benefit Dinner Teams
 Non-Event Related Logistics Team


Call us, or fill out the contact form, if you have questions about how you can help financially partner with us.

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