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Reaching the Unreached: Love Life Triad

May 16, 2018 | Blog | 2 comments

Reaching the Unreached

Every month, we re-evaluate as a Board and Staff if we’re doing all we can to reach abortion-minded clients. These women in an unwanted pregnancy feel there is no way out of their situation except to go to the local abortion clinic. They need someone to come alongside them and show them there is hope and help.

In the Triad, 50 to 100 abortions are performed weekly. It’s the leading cause of death in our city. Abortions are allowed up to 20 weeks and 1 in 3 women have had abortions in their lifetime. 73% of those women identify themselves as Christians.

Love Life Triad

This summer, we will begin partnering with an organization called Love Life Charlotte as they move into the Triad. Love Life, a 40-Week Journey of Hope, is a campaign uniting and mobilizing the Church to create a culture of love and life that will bring an end to abortion in our generation. Love Life Triad will launch on Saturday, July 21, 2018. We’re excited about this new opportunity as it will enable us to serve more abortion-minded clients.

Love Life founder, Justin Reeder, says, “I believe God has called the Church to shape the culture, then politicians and legislation will follow. We aren’t trying to change the law, we’re changing the culture where families stop running to the local abortion clinic and start running to the local church.”

We aren’t trying to change the law, we’re changing the culture where families stop running to the local abortion clinic and start running to the local church.Click To Tweet

Click below to hear to Justin talk about Love Life Triad in this helpful 5-minute video:

At Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, we’re committed to working with Love Life Triad in these three ways:

  1. Our mobile ultrasound unit will be parked near the abortion clinic on Saturdays and one other day of the week. This will allow women the option for a free ultrasound and opportunity for us to share the gospel with them.
  2. We will create and train a new volunteer team to be sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinic. Their role will be to bring the women who change their mind to our mobile unit. (If you are interested in being a part of this team, head over to our Volunteer Page and follow the steps for getting involved as a volunteer.)
  3. For those women who change their mind, we will make it a primary goal to plug them into our Titus 2 mentorship program, which connects them to a mentor in a local church.

Generosity Fuels the Mission

We have been so blessed by the generosity from faithful financial partners throughout the years. Generosity fuels our mission! It has allowed us to grow and reach more women in the Triad that are facing unplanned pregnancies.

It cost us $440 to run the mobile unit each day. This not only includes the maintenance, gas, and insurance of the unit, but also the medical supplies and the medical staff salaries that work on the unit.

We are asking you to help fund this initiative between now and the launch date of Love Life Triad, a 40-Week Journey of Hope, on July 21, 2018.

Since our goal is to be parked at the abortion clinic two days a week, we need $35,200. You can bring or mail cash/check to 625 Fulton Street, Greensboro, NC 27401. Or you can give online by clicking the link below.

We are fully convinced that God will provide through faithful supporters like you! Thank you for your involvement in, not slowing down abortion, but ending abortion in the Triad.



Judy Roderick, Executive Director


Click Here to Give Online Now

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