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‘Refuse to Rest’: Our Fight Against Abortion

Nov 8, 2018 | Abortion, Blog, Client Story | 0 comments

I could wallpaper my house with the baby shower invitations and birth announcements I’ve received over the last few years. It seems as though I’m in a constant rotation of holding new babies, delivering meals to sleepy parents, and buying impractical but irresistible baby outfits. (Sidenote: someone please explain to me why baby girl clothes are so stinkin’ cute and where I can find them in my size.)

This “constant rotation” is one I am more than okay with, though. Holding a newborn child never gets old to me. The miracle of new life whispers that every human is very much “on purpose,” and shouts of the truth that we were created by a Creator.

But when I held baby Jordan for the first time, it was different. I was still awestruck at his beauty—the tiny, perfect features and the resemblance to his mama—but there was something more that gripped my heart that day as I held him close.

Jordan was almost aborted. Six times, actually.

A Fierce Battle

His mother, Genine, is a beautiful and strong woman. She has a light that shines from deep within when she speaks, and when she looks at Jordan, her love for him is unmistakable.

But I remember so clearly when I first met her, when the news of her pregnancy was still fresh. The strain of a life interrupted was visible on her face. I’d never before seen such a war waged within a person. The struggle between what we want and between what is right—the struggle every person faces—played out before me in a way I won’t soon forget.

Six times. She drove to the abortion clinic six times.

And by God’s grace, Genine left that place—six times.

For many, abortion is more of an abstract concept—it doesn’t have a face. We are burdened by its existence and we may speak out against it, but we don’t see it. We aren’t impacted by it.

For many, abortion is more of an abstract concept—it doesn’t have a face. We are burdened by its existence and we may speak out against it, but we don’t see it. We aren’t impacted by it.Click To Tweet

But as I held tiny, perfect Jordan that day, the dark reality of abortion broke my heart all over again. Here in my arms was a boy who almost wasn’t. By God’s grace, he was saved.

But think of all the little Jordans who are lost every day.

The Battle We Can’t Ignore

Last weekend I attended the Love Life Triad prayer walk. As we stood praying outside the abortion clinic, I watched as, one by one, clients were escorted out of the building. They climbed into their cars and drove away. No longer pregnant. No more children.

Somewhere between 60 and 100 unborn children are aborted in Greensboro—in our city—every week. And until we make it personal—until we insert ourselves into the lives of these women, show up to intercede for the unborn, and refuse to rest while our God’s name is being profaned with every “procedure”—until then, we will not see an end to abortion.

In his book, Knowing God, J.I. Packer makes the argument that those who know God have great energy for God. He says, “While their God is being defied or disregarded, they cannot rest; they feel they must do something; the dishonor done to God’s name goads them into action.”

My prayer is that we as the Church would be unable to rest as long as abortion exists in our city. That because we love God, we would love the women and men facing unplanned pregnancy and the unborn children they carry. That we would make it personal—because there truly is no other appropriate response for the believer in Christ.

My prayer is that we as the Church would be unable to rest as long as abortion exists in our city.Click To Tweet

Come Pray with Us

In light of these things, we invite you to join us on Saturday, November 17 at 2401 Randleman Road from 9-11 am. Love Life Triad will have its 40th week prayer walk.

Love Life is calling for 10,000 people between the three cities (Greensboro, Raleigh, and Charlotte) to gather for life in front of each city’s abortion center. If you’ve never been to our abortion center or experienced one of these prayer walks, we’d love to see you there. God is doing a great work through the prayers of his people, and this is the first step toward making a difference—in the lives of others, and in our own hearts as well. You can RSVP at the Love Life FB Event page by clicking here. You can watch Genine tell her story in the video below.


Mary Holloman is the Communications Assistant at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. She loves spending time with her husband and two children and has an unfortunate weakness for dark chocolate. Read more from her at www.maryholloman.com or follow her on Instagram at @marytholloman.


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